New EPI Billboard: Why is Amanda Bynes Wigging Out?

A new billboard in L.A. asks a question about former child star Amanda Bynes that no one else seems to be asking: Why is she “wigging out?” The billboard suggests it might be because of the nation’s continued teen unemployment crisis.

To view the billboard, click here.

Bynes was lucky enough to secure employment during her teenage years, but 24 percent of our country’s job-seeking youth today aren’t so lucky. Unfortunately, politicians across the country – including President Obama – are proposing to put a job even further out of reach for these suffering teens with another hike in the minimum wage. Teens facing another jobless summer should be wigging out at a proposal like this.

Note: Amanda Bynes’ image on this billboard does not imply her endorsement of any particular minimum wage policy or an endorsement of the Employment Policies Institute.