Big Labor’s Bus Tour Gets a Reality Check

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for proponents of a higher minimum wage, as we’ve documented in earlier posts. Faced with a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate projecting as many as one million lost jobs from a $10.10 minimum wage, even some Democrats are getting nervous. Now, in a desperate grab to regain momentum, a coalition of labor unions has launched a multi-state tour featuring a giant bus that says “$10.10: Give America a Raise.”

As a reminder to the tour organizers of the documented consequences of that policy, the Employment Policies Institute is launching a “tour” of its own. In Cleveland and Columbus this Friday,  a 9 foot x 20 foot mobile billboard will follow the unions’ bus with a stark warning about $10.10: Caution, Lost Jobs Ahead.


The billboard’s text explains: “Nonpartisan government economists estimate up to 1 million jobs will be lost if the minimum wage is hiked to $10.10. Tell Big Labor to hit the road.”

To see the original image used for the mobile billboard, click here.