Summer Rolls In and Minimum Wages Rise

As the mercury rises in thermometers, minimum wage levels are rising, too. On July 1st, 17 states and localities increased their wage floors. (See table below.)

Ten California cities and localities saw wage increases, with the general wage floor rising as high as $15.20 in Emeryville, California. In San Francisco, where recent research has shown the negative impacts of minimum wage hikes, the city still increased the minimum wage to a high of $14. The city of Chicago saw a hike to $11 per hour.

We’ve been documenting the consequences of these wage hikes, including lost jobs, reduced hours, and business closures, at our sister site

Some localities are recognizing these consequences and bucking this trend. In Cook County, the minimum wage rose by 21 percent on July 1st, but over 50 villages have opted out of the ordinance. Flagstaff, Arizona saw a reduced hike to $10.50 instead of $12 after concerns were raised about potential job losses. And, in Montgomery County, MD, where the minimum wage rose to $11.50, the county executive vetoed a proposed increase to a $15 minimum wage earlier this year after concerns were raised about harm to the county’s small businesses.