Full-Page Ad Thanks West Virginia Senators for Standing with Tipped Workers

Today, the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) placed a full-page ad in the Dominion Post and Charleston Gazette Mail thanking West Virginia Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin for standing with West Virginia tipped workers and opposing legislation that would eliminate the federal tip credit. Senator Joe Manchin, a key senate vote, was crucial in these conversations.

The ad features quotes from West Virginia restaurant workers on the importance of preserving the tip credit:

  • “I make a lot more than minimum wage, which helps me and my family tremendously.” – Kayla

  • “Any change to the tip credit would have a negative impact on my wages and reduce my take-home pay.” – Britt

  • “The tipped wage system is empowering for women, helping us maximize our income—which is far greater than minimum wage.” – Crystal

  • “I have been working as a tipped employee for my entire working life. Nothing with the system is broken. Don’t try and ‘fix’ it.” – Debbie

  • “The tips I make provide a great living. Changing the tipped wage system would be a lose-lose-lose situation—for the customer, employee, and employer.” – Jeffrey

  • “I am on Social Security, and having the extra money is helpful. The tips end up being better than minimum wage.” – Laura

The ad also highlights OurIndustryOurVoice.com, an Employment Policies Institute project, with video testimonials from tipped workers across the United States on how the current tipping system has benefitted them.