News, Ohio December 23, 2016

Democrats, not Republicans, Killed $15 in Cleveland

Earlier this year, the SEIU attempted to ram through a proposal in Cleveland to raise that city’s minimum wage by 85 percent to $15. The Cleveland City Council, consisting of 16 Democrats and 1 Green Party member, overwhelmingly rejected the…
News November 29, 2016

New Faces of $15 Documentaries Showcase Real Victims of Fight for $15

As another round of coordinated minimum wage protests occur, the consequences of dramatic starter wage increases — including lost jobs, reduced hours, and business closures — are playing out in real time. EPI has been documenting these consequences through its project Faces of $15 and has released four new mini-documentaries featuring these victims.
Maine, News August 2, 2016

Cherry-Picking Arguments for $12 in Maine

A $12 minimum wage will cost the state of Maine at least 4,000 jobs, but that hasn’t kept proponents in the state from advancing bad arguments to support it. Consider a recent release by the labor union-backed National Employment Law Project (NELP), which argues that large businesses rather than…
News, Ohio June 30, 2016

SEIU vs. Cleveland Grocery Stores

With a revitalized downtown and a commitment to reducing pollution and crime, Cleveland will be hosting the Republican National Convention in July and plans to become a destination city. All of this could come crashing down, however, with the passage of a $15 minimum wage. The Service Employees union has…
News December 10, 2014

New Research: Wage Hikes Harm Employees’ Job Prospects and Income Growth

Politicians like to say that “America needs a raise.” That might be true, but new research suggests that raising the minimum wage is not the best way to give them one. Researchers at the University of California-San Diego studied the effects of the 40 percent federal minimum wage increase…
News October 20, 2014

New Analysis: 80 Percent Tipped Wage Hike in New York to Cost Thousands of Jobs

When New York legislators passed an increase in the state’s minimum wage in 2013, they demurred on whether to increase the tipped minimum wage. A three-member Wage Board was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this year to consider this question, and the board is now touring the…
News June 23, 2014

A Copy-and-Paste Response to Inconvenient Facts about Paid Leave

In addition to researching wage mandates, the Employment Policies Institute has also conducted a series of employer surveys to gauge the impact of paid sick leave laws. Consistent with earlier research from San Francisco–published, ironically, by advocates for a paid leave mandate–EPI found that proponents of the…
News February 21, 2014

New National Ad: Minimum Wage Workers in Fast Lane to Unemployment

Rigorous economic research has long shown that raising the minimum wage results in job loss for the least-skilled employees. A recently released report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) details that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will reduce job opportunities for the least-skilled—the potential job losses range…
News October 18, 2013

New Study: NJ $1 Wage Hike Would Cost State and Local Governments $21.6 Million

This week, the Employment Policies Institute released a new study authored by Miami University economist Dr. William Even and Trinity University economist Dr. David Macpherson that examines the cost to the New Jersey public sector if the state raises its minimum wage by $1. The economists predict that New…
News October 16, 2013

SEIU-Backed Advocacy Group Cooks the Books in New “Study”

This week, the SEIU-backed National Employment Law Project (NELP) released a new report arguing that the ten largest fast-food companies cost taxpayers $3.8 billion per year. Though NELP’s number was widely reported, few people bothered to check the fine print. Buried in a footnote in the back of the report,…