News May 7, 2013

Teen Unemployment Rates Continue to Soar

It used to be that summer months provided an ideal opportunity for teenagers to gain the valuable career experience that comes from entry-level jobs. Yet the effects of the Great Recession, combined with the consequences of a 40 percent minimum wage increase between 2007 and 2009, have left teens…
News April 29, 2013

Ralph Nader Misses the Mark on the Minimum Wage

Recently, Ralph Nader penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal arguing for a higher minimum wage. Nader’s faulty economic principles were exposed in a series of letters to the editor published afterward, in addition to having already been refuted in earlier op-eds and editorials in the…
News April 25, 2013

CostCo Doesn’t Speak for All Businesses on the Minimum Wage

In support of a higher minimum wage, advocates typically point to a handful of business owners who voice ideological support for the policy. Take Costco, for instance, whose CEO has voiced strong support for raising the federal minimum wage. Why do these few businesses support raising the minimum wage…
News April 15, 2013

Newsflash: Entry-Level Jobs pay Entry-Level Wages

In conjunction with recent protests for a $15 minimum wage in the fast food industry, activist groups blogged and tweeted that “7 out of the top 10 lowest paying jobs” are in the food and hospitality industry. It’s far less shocking than it sounds. Census Bureau data show…
News April 7, 2013

Former Obama Administration Economist Flunks Econ 101 in Washington Post Op-Ed

In this weekend’s Washington Post, former Obama administration economist and political appointee Betsey Stevenson has an op-ed titled “Five Myths about the Minimum Wage.” Instead of refuting myths about the subject, though, Stevenson packs her piece full of misleading and outright false statements that aren’t fitting of an academic…
News April 2, 2013

Celebrity Chef: Keep Restaurant Labor Costs in Check, or Fail

In an episode of the Food Network’s TV show “Restaurant Impossible,” celebrity chef Robert Irvine visits a failing Mexican restaurant in New Hampshire. Irvine’s task is to advise the owners on how to better manage their restaurant to prevent it from going out of business. Upon inspection of the…
News March 21, 2013

Should the Minimum Wage Track Productivity?

Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren argued for a minimum wage increase even more extreme than what President Obama or Sen. Tom Harkin are asking for. She referenced a chart showing that the federal minimum wage would be $22 an hour – or roughly $45,000 a year – had it…
News March 21, 2013

Get the Facts: $10.10 is a Dead End

Proposals before Congress to increase the minimum wage by 39 percent to $10.10 will do little to reduce poverty while being actively harmful to the entry-level job market. Here are the facts on a $10.10 minimum wage. Click here to view a PDF version of the document.
News March 13, 2013

Roll Call Ad Warns of Lost Opportunities from Minimum Wage Hikes

Tomorrow, the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) is running a full-page ad in Roll Call on the importance of entry-level jobs and how minimum wage hikes reduce them. The ad highlights how Senator Harkin, Representative Miller, and President Obama have relied on unpaid interns themselves, even while demanding that private employers…
News March 5, 2013

Labor Secretary Seth Harris Needs a Labor Economics Class

Acting Secretary of Labor Seth Harris has been visiting numerous cities around the country to rally support for President Obama’s minimum wage hike proposal, which would increase the current wage by 24 percent. The content of the speeches suggests he should have brought along an economics textbook for…