What is the minimum wage?

The minimum wage is the starting hourly wage an employer can pay an employee for work. Currently, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour (part of the Fair Labor Standards Act). Some states and cities have raised their minimum wage higher than that. In most instances, the higher of the prevailing minimum wage requirements is binding for employers.

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Minimum Wage in the U.S.

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Fed. Min. Wage Fed. Tipped Wage
$7.25 $2.13

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June 17, 2022

July 1 Will Bring Another Wave of Wage Hikes Across the Country

While many states institute minimum wage increases in the beginning of the year, many introduce hikes mid-year too, many of them adjustments according to inflation. Looking ahead, November could also…
June 10, 2022

Misleading NY Wage Study Omits Job Loss Consequences from Wage Hike Bill

Rallies and events led by union-backed One Fair Wage, a subsidiary of the anti-tip credit advocacy group Restaurant Opportunities Center, have recently ramped up to try to convince lawmakers…
June 3, 2022

Even Pushed Back, A $15 Wage in Michigan Will Slash Jobs, Earnings

This week, organizers of the Raise the Wage MI proposal to increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 by 2027 and eliminate the tip credit failed to clear the…
May 27, 2022

Restaurants’ inflation problem means tipped wage hikes will cause more pain, not less

Inflation is still soaring after hitting a four-decade-high earlier this year, and causing problems all around for restaurants trying to bounce back after the pandemic. Activists’ demands to raise…