District of Columbia

Standard Minimum Wage
$17.50 / hour

The minimum wage is the entry-level hourly wage paid to employees by their employer.

Tipped Minimum Wage
$10.00 / hour

The tipped wage is the base wage for employees who earn tips (such as servers and bartenders). Tipped employees are guaranteed to earn the minimum wage when tips are included.

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July 21, 2023

Initiative 82 Organizer Blasts One Fair Wage As a “Fraud”

While anti-tip credit activists with One Fair Wage touted past wins ahead of a push to eliminate Chicago’s tip credit, other formerly affiliated groups are throwing a flag on the…
November 11, 2022

After Passing Initiative 82, D.C. Restaurants and Residents Are Already Concerned

In Washington, D.C.’s election on Tuesday, voters approved Initiative 82 to eliminate the city tip credit and raise the minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers by more than 200%.
October 14, 2022

DC Anti-Tip Credit Activists Resurrect Bogus #TipsOnTop Slogan

One Fair Wage, the union-funded activist group responsible for a $25 million campaign to end tip credits nationwide, has long touted a minimum wage with “tips on top” platform.
March 18, 2022

Analysis: $15 Tipped Minimum Wage Would Cost DC Restaurant Workers Nearly $9M in Earnings; 2,300 Jobs

This isn’t the District of Columbia’s first rodeo attempting to hike the minimum wage required for restaurant employees earning tips. But new analysis shows how devastating the 200% increase…

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