Standard Minimum Wage
$15.00 / hour

The minimum wage is the entry-level hourly wage paid to employees by their employer.

Tipped Minimum Wage
$3.63 / hour

The tipped wage is the base wage for employees who earn tips (such as servers and bartenders). Tipped employees are guaranteed to earn the minimum wage when tips are included.

Local Exceptions

Minimum Wage Tipped Wage
  Montgomery County - Employers of 51 or more $16.70 $4.00
  Montgomery County - Employers of 11-50 $15.00 $4.00
  Montgomery County - Employers of 10 or less $14.50 $4.00
  Howard County - Employers of 15+ $15.00 $3.63
  Howard County - Employers of 14 or less $14.00 $3.63

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